This house has been owned by the same family for about 60 years and it is a very special place.  The house was home to a young married couple who had two boys; one who is now a dentist and the other who is now a lawyer.  The parents passed away and the boys moved away.  The lawyer always thought that he would move back to this house and live here.  Things however did not work out as planned and the selling of this house became necessary.  This was the last thing that he thought that he would ever have to do but he hopes someone buys the home who enjoys it as much as his family did.  This is one of the reasons why it is being left in the best shape possible.  He would like to see 402 North Kansas remain as prosperous and as functional as it was when he was raised in it. 


1. What year was it built?
The front or the brick part of the house and basement were constructed in the late 1860s.  The kitchen and back family room were completely remodeled and built in the 1990s. 

2. How does the generator work?
The generator works by burning natural gas.  There are two electrical boxes in the basement; one is for the generator; one is for the normal electrical system.  If the electrical power goes off the generator kicks in.  It does not provide electricity for the entire house but supplies electricity to the essentials:  the refrigerator and the freezers, the microwave, the stove, several lights, the garage and the heating and cooling systems.  The generator runs by design every Saturday morning around 10:30 for 5 to 10 minutes.  It must be serviced once a year by one of the service providers for the manufacturer of this generator.  Primarily, this consists of changing the generator's oil. 

3. What about recent updates have been made?
For the most part the home has been continually maintained by professionals.  The roof was replaced in 2008 or 2009.  Both the plumbing and the electrical aspects of the home have been updated.  There are several water shutoffs that allow shutting off the water to different parts of the home when the home is not occupied are out of town for an extended period.  Much of the interior was repainted in 2019 and many of the light fixtures were replaced as well.  An exterminator sprayed for buys in April 2019.

4. Why are there air conditioners for in the upstairs bedrooms?
In the heat of the summer or dead of the winter the upstairs is sometimes difficult establish a consistent ambient air temperature.  The window units were installed to be used only for a short period of time to boost or lower the air temperature when needed.  They were not installed because they were absolutely needed but as a matter of convenience.  All of the windows do open upstairs as do all of the windows in the living space of the home.

5. Is the HVAC system zoned?
The system is zoned – the age the units were installed is unknown.  The thermostat for the rear addition is located in the family room with the fireplace - it controls the room with fireplace the kitchen and the solarium/sunroom. The other thermostat is located just to the left as you exit the dining room.

6.  How much are the utilities?
The combined gas and electric bill averages between $250.00 and $300.00 per month.  The average bill trash, sewer and water is around $100.00 a month when the sprinkler system is not being used. 

7. How does the driveway sharing work?
402 N. Kansas shares a driveway with 400 North.  Each property has equal rights to ingress and egress to their property by use of the driveway.  There is an easement that provides that 402 is the dominant estate over and against 400.

8Does this mean you cannot unload groceries, have a repair truck or delivery truck block the driveway?
No.  In the past the residents of 400 and the residents of 402 North Kansas simply notify the other that on a particular day the driveway will be blocked and it may be necessary for them to park on the street until the delivery or repair or whatever necessary reason there is for the blocking of the driveway.  For the most part commonsense and the golden rule is how the driveway is used.  


1.         The entire home has a water filtration system. 
2.         There is a lawn and sprinkler system which fully covers the front and backyards.
3.         Natural gas and electric generator runs power to garage and all appliances, air conditioners and selected power sources leaves house, fully livable if a power outage occurs. 
4.         A new roof was put on in 2008 or 2009.
5.         The basement was tuck pointed in 2007.
6.         There are large trees for shade, and all the trees were trimmed in 2018. 
7.         There are three basement floor drains to accept any water and the use of a dehumidifier will evaporate any water.
8.         The main floor is designed such that there are no steps required to enter/ exit or use the first floor.
9.         There are two choices for master bedrooms; one up and one down
10.       Every bathroom has towel and linen storage.
11.       First floor laundry off the kitchen. 
12.       The kitchen has an enormous amount of storage and counter space and all appliances including the washer and dryer will stay.
13.       All of the interior doors have original hardware and the keys to go with the locks.
14.       The downstairs windows were all replaced in around 2007 and there are no significant air drafts.  
15.       The wood burning fireplace has a blower that is capable of heating the family room, kitchen and sunroom. 



The following churches are within walking distance of the home:  Saint Boniface Catholic Church, Trinity Lutheran Church.  Both of these have daycare and elementary schools.  Other churches include Trail Head, Saint Andrew's Episcopal and New Song Fellowship, Eden Church, UCC. 


Columbus Elementary Public is directly across the street and the Trinity Lutheran Elementary School and the Saint Boniface Elementary School are within walking distance. 


The Edwardsville Public Library and City Park, the Springer Woods Park, the United States Post Office, Edwardsville City Hall, and the Madison County Courthouse. 

Public transportation is available to SIUE, Metrolink Shopping Center, and Saint Louis, Edwardsville's downtown and Main Street area which includes the Wildey Theater, restaurants and bars, shops, hairdressers and barbers, Saturday's farmers' market, two drugstores, and bike trails.  


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